Patrick Cambolin

Patrick Cambolin was born on 05 May 1947.

After studying Graphic Arts and Plastic Arts he worked in the communications sector, first as artistic director and then as creative director, for leading French and foreign agencies in Paris.

At the same time, he devoted himself to a personal search into the concept of horizontality/verticality.
From this developed the lines, the colours, the materials, the imprints. The sober, structured compositions produce austerity, evoke a very strong colour emotion.
A reflection on time and space

Since 2011, Patrick Cambolin has made his home in Beaune (Burgundy) and Sardinia (Italy)

Whatever the period, artists have to draw fully on the 3 components of their being: the body, the spirit and the soul.
With the body forming the basis of everything, there is an interaction between the artist’s interior world and everything that the outside world can offer in terms of substance and inspiration.
Through a transcription and a choice of shapes, materials, colours, words and images.